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The Biggest Numbers in the World

September 7, 2010

The existence of the biggest number in the world cannot really be possible since there is always a chance to add another digit to that number. You can assume that this large number is one and then you add millions and millions of zeroes after it , you would still have a space to add another zero to make it larger.

The term “googolplex” is used to refer to big numbers. A googol can be summed as ten multiplied by ten multiplied by one hundred zeroes. A googolplex cannot be jotted down like any ordinary number because there would not be sufficient space to make it possible. The universe is described as having a space of 6 times ten followed by eighty three zeroes of cubic inches. This means that even filling out the vast universe with zeroes would still not be sufficient to come up with the biggest possible number.

Writing the biggest number is also not possible. Time would not allow it even if we rite two digits each second. This can only be possible if you do it in light years which are not possible in our universe. Typing a googolplex is also not possible because you should need twenty trillion of Gigabytes of disk space to do this. The biggest number, googolplex cannot also be typed using one font only. You need at least three and a half multiplied by ten (plus ninety six zeroes) meters. Many scientists believe that a single googol is larger than the entire atoms of hydrogen in our universe.

The biggest number in the world does not have a specific purpose in mathematics but to be used for comparing big numbers. The googol is usually used in assessing the different moves you can do in the chess game. This is also often used in computing the atoms in things.

Graham’s number is actually the biggest number utilized in math. It is also known as the G sixty four. This is larger than the first and second G. The Graham’s number is larger than most googolplex. The Guinness World Book of Records has verified it as the world’s largest number utilized. Unlike other numbers approximation is not possible for the Graham’s number. It cannot be jotted down as well. You can calculate for this number by utilizing Knuth’s upward arrow.

Latest researches have proven that having larger numbers for proofs in mathematics can happen. The big numbers can overwhelm us however it is still one of the most interesting things to study. It shows us that numbers are really complex. It also tells us that some people have brains that can calculate millions of numbers.


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